BOULDER, Colo. (KDVR) — Two University of Colorado Boulder freshmen were walking home last Saturday night when a suspected drunk driver ran onto the sidewalk and hit them.

They were just a few weeks into their college experience.

Jasmine Floyd, 18, and Anthony Maravi, 19, were walking home from a party near CU’s campus where Broadway meets 20th Street when that alleged drunk driver was making a U-turn, jumped the curb and went onto the sidewalk directly toward the teens.

Maravi is being hailed as a hero for his quick actions while that car was barreling toward them. He could have avoided being hit but dove to protect Floyd.

“I just remember looking at the car and looking at where I was at, and I looked back and I saw that she was kind of frozen and not in a good position to get out of the car’s way, so I just dove, and that’s all I remember,” Maravi said.

‘It’s something you can never take back

Even with this heroism, the car still struck both of them, and the list of injuries is substantial. Maravi had to have stitches on his right cheek and suffered a fractured wrist, a chipped tooth, road burn, an inflamed side and a lacerated liver. Floyd was in a coma, suffering from multiple concussions, two fractured ribs, a broken clavicle, a fractured bone in her face and a large gash on her head that required multiple stitches.

The pair is now leaning on each other for support.

“Nobody really else can relate. They care for us, but they weren’t there or saw the lights coming at us or were in the hospital,” Maravi said.

Maravi said he doesn’t feel like a hero, as he just did what anyone would do. He hopes this serves as a reminder of the consequences of driving drunk.

“It’s not just something that’s five minutes and it’s gone. It’s something you can never take back. I’ll always live with that. Or every time I’m walking down that road, I might think of that, or when I am walking at night, I’ll just look behind me. Because I don’t know if it’ll happen again,” he said.

How to help these students recover

The man responsible, Jordan Hemstreet, was taken into custody directly after and accused of driving under the influence, reckless driving, reckless vehicular assault, driving a vehicle on a suspended license and no proof of insurance.

Maravi was back to classes on Thursday, but Floyd had to medically withdraw for the semester. Both have GoFundMe accounts to help with medical expenses and their long roads to recovery. You can find Maravi’s GoFundMe here and Floyd’s GoFundMe here.

The Boulder Police Department is also investigating whether Hemstreet was involved in a separate crash the Friday before, on Sept 9, around 10:50 pm in the area of 15th Street at Cascade Avenue.

Multiple parked cars were struck. If you have any information on that, you are urged to contact police.