AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — A blue Chevrolet Tahoe that police were searching for in connection to a deadly shooting at an Adams County house party has been found abandoned, according to the Aurora Police Department.

APD said the Tahoe was found near the Lowry area and that detectives continue to investigate the shooting and the vehicle. The department said the SUV was found around Fulton Street and East 1st Avenue and that it was located by a traffic camera in the area that caught the license plate.

“As of right now, everyone in our detective division are hard at work processing the vehicle and following up on additional information that came from the discovery today,” Sergeant Adam Sherman told FOX31.

They are also working and coordinating with other agencies and looking into leads connected to where this vehicle was located.

The shooting occurred around 3 a.m. outside of a residence on the block of 900 Dakin Street on Oct. 15.

The Tahoe was seen on a neighbor’s Ring camera in front of the home when shots were fired and teenagers and adults from the Denver metro area scattered.

One person from North High School died in the shooting and seven others were injured. Westminster Public Schools confirmed students from the district were involved in the party but did not confirm if and how many students were injured in the shooting.

Watch doorbell video of shooting incident

You can see in the player above over a dozen people in front of the home around what looks to be a fight happening. A blue Chevrolet Tahoe drives in front of the home right before the gunfire starts and then everyone scattered.

One of the teenagers injured was shot and the bullet hit her spine. Her father spoke to FOX31’s Evan Kruegel and said his 16-year-old daughter was leaving that house party when shots rang out. 

“My daughter was in that crowd, she was struck, she was hit in the stomach,” David Bodnar explained. “It passed through her, came out the side, and has done some damage to her spine.”

As of Sunday, Bodnar said his daughter was alert and expected to survive but the family was waiting to find out the extent of damage the shooting caused to her.