Suspect killed in Aurora officer-involved shooting

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AURORA, Colo. — Detectives in Aurora spent much of Friday afternoon investigating an officer-involved shooting at a gas station parking lot near 6th Ave. and I-225.

“Next thing I know, I see 20, maybe 30 cops just rush in— guns drawn, everything,” witness Anthony Bird said.

Police say a man wanted for attempted murder sped away in a sedan— starting a pursuit that began near 1st and Peoria and ended at 14401 East 6th Avenue.

“They keep telling the dude, ‘get down, get down,’” Bird said. “You hear two shots. Then you hear another two, maybe five shots.”

No officers were injured, police said. Aurora Police spokesperson Bill Hummel said officers recovered a gun at the scene that doesn’t belong to police. What’s unclear is if that gun was ever pointed at officers.

“Per our standard operating procedures, and the law, our officers are not compelled to give a statement the day that it occurs,” Hummel explained during a press conference at the scene. “That’s why I ask for the public’s patience. It could be a day or two before we even talk to the officers [who] are involved in this. I don’t know if they are going to give statements today or not.”

Police say the man killed on Friday shot another person on Thursday. That person walked into a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

The Arapahoe County Coroner’s Office has not yet released the dead person’s name.


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