DENVER (KDVR) — A recent survey of nearly 3,500 people determined people in Colorado hit peak happiness at the age of 49, according to the company that conducted the questionnaire, Mixbook.

Mixbook is a photo album company that didn’t share the methodology of its survey on its website. So, age is still just a number but maybe now there’s one to have a reason to look forward to or back to.

The general consensus of 3,442 Coloradans asked about their highest level of happiness age 65 and over said they hit bliss at 49, five years older than the national average.

The survey asked questions about when someone was happiest with their job, friends, family, relationship and wealth. Mixbook said traditionally by 44, most people have established a family, advanced career and steady income in order to enjoy more luxuries in life.

The survey also revealed that three out of four people would choose love over money. And that 79% of people asked about their job satisfaction said they were happy with what they do for a living. Most surprisingly is that more than half of the people interviewed said they were happier in their life post-pandemic. Relationships were not the strongest suit for people as 58% said they were solid with their situation.

The breakdown of what people were happiest with is:

34% happiest with relationships
18% most satisfied with their health
15% happiest with their romantic partner
14% said their career
11% were most proud of their homes

Whether you’re blissful every day or were looking for something to define the happiest time in your life, most people are just ecstatic about having friends and family and other relationships in their lives.