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DENVER (KDVR) — A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant said she is more excited to surprise her father than to win. She has been watching the popular game show with him since childhood.

Arvada resident Gabe Cox says being a contestant on “Wheel of Fortune” was the chance of a lifetime.

“It’s actually crazy, I started watching it probably when I was born,” Cox said.

Cox’s journey to appearing on “Wheel” was a surprisingly short one. After only a few weeks she was notified she was one of the chosen.

“They told me when you’re accepted you could be in the contestant bank for up to two years,” Cox said.

What happens on the show will be a surprise to us all. But not more than to Gabe’s father, Warren, who does not even know his daughter will be on Tuesday night.

“I am actually wearing the same outfit that I wore on the show,” Cox said.

So, since “Wheel of Fortune” is pre-taped, how did she do?

“I’m afraid I can’t say; I am sworn to secrecy,” Cox said.

I guess we will just have to wait and watch the show to find out.