SUPERIOR, Colo. (KDVR) — A significant development for hundreds of families trying to rebuild their homes after the Marshall Fire: They will no longer be required to meet stricter codes that would have dramatically increased the price of starting over.

This is what so many families had been hoping for. They can now begin to move forward and not worry about adding so many extras they don’t want or need.

That was good news for Tina McLaren. She and her husband have been trying to get started on rebuilding their home.

“It sounds to me like this is going to be a little more affordable for us. Knowing that we don’t have to add all these extras that would have taken a big chunk, there’s no way,” McLaren said.

Hundreds of families had the same concern. New building codes would have required new green features, like more insulation and wiring for electric cars. But Superior’s mayor said Tuesday that people who lost their homes can rebuild under the old code.

“People are very concerned about the cost to rebuild and the requirements to rebuild and they didn’t want any additional impediments to getting in the way of rebuilding their homes. We heard that loud and clear, and we want to expedite that process as much as possible too,” Superior Mayor Clint Folsom said.

This news coming from the mayor surprised McLaren, who was at last night’s meeting. She did not know she’d be able to build a new home under old codes until we told her.

“So, when you tell me that it’s official that we get to build to the 2018 codes, I don’t have words to express the joy I feel about that. Like I said, we were thinking there would be another delay,” McLaren said.

McLaren and so many others were not sure how they’d cover the cost of expensive upgrades. Her new home will be a little more affordable — a little peace of mind, welcome on what has been a tumultuous journey.

Superior’s Board of Trustees, the town’s legislative body similar to a city council, will meet again at the end of the month to talk about the new code. The mayor promises people impacted by the fire will be exempted.