COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Suncor facility flooded during the three days straight of rain in the Denver area, which raised concerns about possible water contamination.

“Refining operations continue to be unaffected by the flooding, including planned maintenance on Plant 2. Efforts are underway to manage water on site, and all regulatory agencies have been notified of the situation,” a Suncor spokesperson said in a statement Friday afternoon.

The company notified the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment about stormwater from its property flowing into the nearby Burlington Ditch on Metro Water Recovery’s property.

Suncor tested water samples from the ditch and found low, legal concentrations of benzene. The rest of the stormwater will be checked before being released, CDPHE said in a release.

The health department is investigating the testing Suncor provided to show the levels were well below what is permitted. A stormwater permit expert will verify the information Suncor provided is correct and true. 

CDPHE said there doesn’t appear to be a public health risk or any contamination of drinking water at this point.

“We have a commitment to being as transparent as possible when Suncor has occurrences,” Trisha Oeth, director of the Environmental Health and Protection division of the CDPHE, said. “We strive to share what we know, while also investigating occurrences and making sure the facility is in compliance with its permits. The current flooding at the facility seems not to have caused a public health risk, but we will continue to monitor the situation and update everyone accordingly.”