COMMERCE CITY, Colo. (KDVR) — The Suncor refinery in Commerce City was flooded after nearly three days of continuous rainfall hit the area.

SkyFOX flew over the Suncor site Friday and captured video of flooding at the refinery, where flaring was underway, too. The company said the flood did not affect its refining operations.

“Refining operations continue to be unaffected by the flooding, including planned maintenance on Plant 2. Efforts are underway to manage water on site, and all regulatory agencies have been notified of the situation,” a Suncor spokesperson said in a statement Friday afternoon.

Suncor is still recovering from extreme winter weather in December that led to fires, employee injuries and a monthslong shutdown. While the shutdown ate into the company’s production at the Commerce City site, its overall profits still exceeded expectations.

In March, the company announced progressive restarts of two of its three plants at the refinery site. Another remains under maintenance.