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DENVER (KDVR) — A new study based off the highest paying states for nursing professionals shows Colorado is the fourth best state for people working in the profession in 2021.

The study, conducted by TheSeniorList, collected data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Census Bureau and Projections Central, shows that on average, registered nurses in our state make about $76,500 annually and Nurse Practitioners average around $110,740 annually.

“We ourselves at UCHealth have just continued to grow and grow and grow — and so the demand for nursing is significant,” said Kathy Howell, Chief Nursing Executive for UCHealth.

The study also revealed the projected increase in nursing employment in Colorado between 2018-2028.

It shows the demand for Registered Nurses in Colorado will grow by 29.5%, while the demand for Nurse Practitioners will jump up by about 44.7%.

“I would say our growth being similar with those projections for the state’s growth of need. And then with nurses as well, I think the growth is almost 30% increased needed by 2030, that’s very similar to what our demand growth is,” Howell added.

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