DENVER (KDVR) — Winning the 2023 NBA Championships earlier this year has made the Denver Nuggets thrive in popularity with the fastest-growing fanbase in the NBA, according to a data analysis by online gambling company Betway.

Simultaneously, the Denver Broncos have one of the slowest-growing fanbases in the NFL amid a season with a historic loss against the Miami Dolphins.

Betway determined fanbase growth by simply analyzing Instagram followings for professional sports teams over the last 12 months.

The Broncos are not gaining many fans

Only three teams saw follower growth rates below 2%, including the Denver Broncos at 1.96%, the Arizona Cardinals at 1.8% and the Los Angeles Rams at 1.47%.

Lucky for the Broncos, no NFL team had it worse than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, which was the only NFL franchise to actually lose followers since last September.

Since the Broncos won the Super Bowl in 2016, the team has only had one winning season. Meanwhile, the University of Colorado Buffaloes got a new coach and have since been more successful.

As a result, the CU Buffs have become more and more popular, gaining national attention and becoming the most searched college football team in the country and even surpassing the popularity of the Denver Broncos.

Nuggets’ fanbase is growing more than any other NBA team

The Nuggets already had a massive fanbase locally, bringing 750,000 fans to the streets of Denver on a Thursday afternoon to celebrate the championship earlier this year.

Other teams gained higher numbers of followers since last September, but no NBA franchise had a social media growth rate as high as the Denver Nuggets.

At least 2,400,000 users began following the Nuggets, making for a growth rate of 32.69%. The Nuggets are the only NBA team whose Instagram following grew by over 30%.

Other teams were significantly behind. The team with the next most social media growth was the Phoenix Suns, with a follower growth rate of 25.44%.

The Denver Nuggets will play their first regular season game on Oct. 24 against the Los Angeles Lakers at Ball Arena. Before the game, the Nuggets will raise a championship banner.

The Nuggets just might gain more success-driven popularity this season, as the team has been voted as the most likely to win the 2024 NBA Championship title, tied with the Boston Celtics.

The NBA on TNT American Express Road Show will be in town Tuesday to celebrate the NBA Champions with a full-day, free fan experience at the Auraria Higher Education Center.