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AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — There were some horrific moments for students after the Friday shooting at Hinkley High School in Aurora.

Many students told FOX31 they took cover and then went into lockdown. As the hectic scene unfolded, parents circled the building trying to get their child home.

Student Angel Banuelos told us how he saw one of the people who had been shot.

“I was like, dang, there’s a guy with a gun, so I started running, and then they said there’s a lockdown. That was scary,” Banuelos said.

Meanwhile, parents paced and parked hoping to get any bit of news about their child.

“I mean, I want to make sure my grandson is safe and he’s OK and stuff and that he’s getting the protection he needs,” said grandmother Carla Magallanes.

Parents told us they were getting very little information about their children’s status. 

Eduardo Villanueva was waiting for his son. He thinks more security is needed.

He was glad when his son was finally released — but with a story no one wants to hear.

“I was thinking they are going to come inside and probably shoot some other kids or something, and I was just really scared,” said Hinkley High School student Eduardo Villanueva Jr.

Several students told us the same story, with many happy the day was over — but now concern, because of rumors, that it could happen again.

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