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DENVER — Hundreds of students from more than a dozen metro Denver schools walked out of class in protest on Wednesday.

The students joined peers from across the country by leaving school while calling on elected leaders to prevent school shootings.

Chaparral High School in Parker and Prairie Middle School in Aurora had some of the largest demonstrations in the greater Denver area.

The “Never Again” movement came about after 17 people were killed in a Florida high school by a man with an assault-style rifle one week ago.

Since then, students have been thinking of possible solutions to end the violence.

“There are more expensive solutions,” a sophomore at Chaparral High School said. “We could have metal detectors. We could have security guards just checking before people come in to make sure that everything’s OK.”

Whether the answer comes from enhanced school security, banning certain weapons or a focus on mental health, America’s children are overall calling out politicians and telling the adults to bring about change.

“We have armed security guards protecting our money in the bank, but we don’t have any security protecting our children,” a mother said Wednesday after demonstrations in Parker.

The issue of student safety is front and center at city councils all the way to the White House.

President Donald Trump heard from victims of mass shootings on Wednesday.

Survivors of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, are planning a demonstration in Washington next month.