DENVER (KDVR) — While safety is at the top of everyone’s mind, one school is equipping students with life-saving skills.

On Friday, students at the Denver Academy of Torah learned CPR and the Heimlich maneuver. The training came from certified EMTs with the Jewish organization NCSY. There’s also a summer program called NCSY Rescue where students can get real-life experience on an ambulance.

“I think it’s really incredible to have the opportunity to be taught these things, so that when we are in situations like we can stand up take a deep breath and go out and help,” Hunter Frank, a student at the school, said.

The event was organized by Rabbi Yonatan Nuszen with Denver NCSY. He said it’s important for students to get the skills early on.

“There’s a lot of unfortunate circumstances where people are showing hatred in many different ways, and to be able to educate the kids as to what to do in god forbid such a terrible situation is a very important thing,” Nuszen said. “We get to do and I’m so honored we get to be a part of something like that today right here, right now.”