DENVER (KDVR) — A student was stabbed Friday afternoon at George Washington High School.

At 3:39 p.m. the Denver Police Department said officers were investigating a stabbing in the 600 block of South Monaco Street Parkway. SkyFOX flew over the scene and saw officers responding to the school, with crime scene tape outside in the parking lot.

A Denver Public Schools spokesperson said a student was hurt and transported to a hospital.

“I look over and I see this trail of blood drips down the hall,” senior Keira Miller told FOX31.

Miller and classmates say they’ve already had to deal with school violence before.

“We have been in so many situations just in high school already that have involved violence and guns, and so immediately our minds went, ‘OK, it’s a shooting,’ and I remember just panicking,” senior Zareen Bissinger said.

The students say they do not feel like the district is doing all it can to prevent violence.

“I’m extremely frustrated because school is about learning, and it shouldn’t be me worrying about my safety. I feel like these schools are trying to bring more guns into our school instead of solving the actual issues, which is student mental health and student well-being,” Bissinger said.

Parents like Steve Katsaros, who’s got two students at East High, want to see the district take action.

“It’s time now,” said Katsaros, a member of the Parents Safety Advocacy Group. “They need to take action right now and demand we are not going to let things like assault exist in our schools. This is no longer going to be our standard of living.”

Police said the stabbing victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries to the left arm and hand. A suspect was taken into custody.