LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — Centaurus High School in the Boulder Valley School District was placed on “secure” Wednesday morning after a student allegedly displayed a weapon.

Randy Barber, chief communications officer with BVSD, confirmed that Centaurus High School was placed on secure, formally known as lockout, Wednesday after reports of a possible weapon on campus.

According to Principal Daniel Ryan, when a school is placed on secure, all activities are brought inside the building, outdoors are locked and normal activities continue.

Police were called to the school, located at 10300 W. South Boulder Road, at around 9:45 a.m.

According to Lafayette police, a student reported that another student displayed a weapon in the bathroom. They then said the student had left the school.

LPD established a perimeter and started to look for the student. According to police, they located a male juvenile who tried to run away.

When the student was located, police noted something was in his waistband. Police confirmed he had an airsoft pistol.

The student is currently in custody and police are determining possible charges.

“Bringing any type of replica or toy weapon to school is strictly prohibited and we will address the issue with the student and family directly. We do not take lightly the substantial impact of an event like this on our students and our school community. If any students would like to speak with someone about the event, please reach out to myself, your teachers or school counselors,” Ryan said in a release to families.

The school is no longer on secure.