GEORGETOWN, Colo. (KDVR) — Winds were blowing strong Monday afternoon along the Interstate 70 corridor in Colorado’s high country. In some places, it caused some unexpected damage.

On any given day in Georgetown, there’s bound to be some wind.

But on Presidents Day, just as a wind and snowstorm were about to move in, the people of Georgetown were feeling really feeling the gusts.

“Man, it’s been windier than heck. Last night was worse. Welcome to Georgetown is all I can say,” Charles “Kirk” Holquin said.

Holquin told FOX31 he’s been feeling the gusts at the Georgetown Valley Candy Company.

“When it’s windy like this, take it easy. I’ve seen it blow windows out by the lake. Blow the window right out of your car,” Holquin added.

Feeling the ‘energy’ at Georgetown Lake

Holquin is referring to Georgetown Lake, which is just a few miles away from the downtown historic district.

“Last night you could feel all the energy (wind) coming through here,” Amit Patel said.

Patel co-owns the Cabin Creek Brewing Company next to Georgetown Lake. The winds were blowing people away – kind of.

“You could see people that were out earlier in the day. They were on the lake around the lagoon here. They were using sheets to parachute themselves up into the air. But as it continued, you could see the energy (wind) started to pick up more and more,” Patel said.

He was afraid they would be blown onto Interstate 70.

Wind-shattered car windows

But that wasn’t all Mother Nature had up her sleeve. FOX31 was told ferocious winds shattered the windows of many cars in the area.

“We had about 15 cars of windows that were broken out with just the pressure that came through here. The wind was blowing so fast that those windows will break,” Patel added.

Wendy Anderson, who helps run Kneisel and Anderson grocery store, has lived here for years and thinks she knows why Georgetown is so windy.

“Georgetown does have that wind. I mean, all the way up and down the I-70 Corridor. Breckenridge can be windy. Georgetown is windy because it has the two valleys that come in and combine,” Anderson said.

All this wind, and the strongest gusts are yet to come.