Stricter requirements for security guards in Denver go into effect

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DENVER — The rules for being a security guard got a lot tougher in the City and County of Denver starting Thursday as new requirements went into effect.

There are 7,000 private security guards in Denver. If anyone has committed a crime in another state, they will be flagged and probably can’t be hired as a guard.

That includes people working in bars and nightclubs as well as in-house security guards.

Guards are now required to undergo at least 16 hours of training before getting a license.

“The process of becoming a security officer did get tougher,” said Tony York with security firm HSS. “The process will be longer, but in the end, it will warrant better people, better professionals who are wearing the uniform.”

“They need to be trained in how to communicate with law enforcement and when to call and what to report and how to write a report so it could be used by employer or law enforcement if necessary,” said Ashley Kilroy with the Department of Excise and Licenses.

The other big part of the training will include how to de-escalate a situation if it is getting out of hand in a public place.

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