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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KXRM) — A stray pig with overgrown hooves recently received some much-needed medical attention and found his happily-ever-after thanks to the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region and the Calhan Veterinary Clinic.

HSPPR posted about Wilbur the pig on their Facebook page and said when he arrived in their care, he was covered in abrasions and cuts, had old scars all over his body, and his hooves were severely overgrown and curling inward. HSPPR said Wilbur was a stray, so their team had no idea what he had been through to leave him in such a rough condition.

Wilbur the pig at HSPPR
Courtesy: Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

What was clear, however, was that Wilbur simply needed help.

So, HSPPR said they opened up one of their outdoor runs and made a sanctuary for their new friend and filled the pen with straw, an extra warm comforter, and some tasty food. The veterinary team then got to work treating Wilbur’s wounds and putting him on medication.

Wilbur’s hooves were the most pressing item on his care list, and HSPPR said it was made more complicated by the fact that the humane society doesn’t have the resources to trim hooves at their facility. HSPPR reached out to Calhan Veterinary Clinic for help, and the clinic agreed to squeeze Wilbur into their busy schedule after seeing his horribly overgrown hooves.

On Monday, HSPPR took Wilbur to Calhan for his “spa day.” HSPPR said Wilbur had to be sedated, but when he woke up, his “mani-pedi” was finished.

View before and after photos of Wilbur’s overgrown hooves and his trim:

  • Wilbur the pig's overgrown feet
  • Wilbur the pig's overgrown feet
  • Wilbur the pig's trimmed feet

Once his procedure was complete, HSPPR said Wilbur was prescribed another trim in four-to-six months, some pain medication, and a large fruit salad.

“It was the doctor’s order, so when Wilbur arrived back at HSPPR, we had a fruit bowl big enough for an 88-pound pig waiting for him!” HSPPR said.

Wilbur looks very pleased with this particular prescription.

Wilbur the pig at HSPPR
Courtesy: Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region

The salad wasn’t even the sweetest part of Wilbur’s story, though. HSPPR said a loving home called dibs on Wilbur, and once he is medically cleared, he will have a new place to call home.

“So many people and departments played a part in Wilbur’s story,” said HSPPR. “Thank you to everyone who had a hoof…er…hand…in his Happy Tail, and a huge thank you to our friends at Calhan Veterinary Clinic for the professional pedicure!”