BUFFALO CREEK, Colo. (KDVR) — The mountain town of Buffalo Creek in Jefferson County is keeping a watchful eye on the sky after storms created a fast-moving river of hail and rain in their community.

One family FOX31 talked to said the deluge was like none other they’d seen before. Big concerns were water rushing the down the mountain and not knowing when the rain would stop.

Katherine Davidson posted pictures on social media showing what it looked like as heavy rain fell in Jefferson County on Tuesday afternoon.

“We were concerned about getting down here, but we really couldn’t see the base of the hill. As soon as I got my car down here, it was just a river at the base of the road,” Davidson said.

A washed out road surrounded by trees
A road washed out in Buffalo Creek after a storm on Tuesday, Aug. 1. (KDVR)

Storm forms river on the street in Buffalo Creek

A road was washed out and Tuesday, and it has not been repaired. There are concerns more rain could cause more problems.

Water and hail poured out of gutters at one home in the area near Pine. All that water, FOX31 was told, began rushing down what used to be an old roadway next to Highway 126.

A street in Buffalo Creek was washed out and could stay like that for a while.

Residents said the skies just opened up.

“I thought we’ve been having thunderstorms for quite a while, a week or two. I thought it was just another thunderstorm, but that rain and hail was coming down so hard. And I look out the window, and there’s this river down there,” Lydia Daniels said.

People in Buffalo Creek are hoping Jefferson County crews are able to repair the damage on some of the roadways, but with rain and more storms in the forecast, that could take a while.