DENVER (KDVR) — A stolen roofing truck joyride through Denver and into Federal Heights left behind damage to cars, buildings and more.

The theft happened early Wednesday morning at Elite Roofing. That driver then took the truck through neighborhoods including down Perry Street hitting two vehicles. One of those car owners Timothy told us a Ring camera caught it all and he couldn’t believe it when he watched.

“I see this truck coming down and it kind of blew me away like ‘why is this truck driving down our road at 3 a.m., that’s absurdly early for a delivery like that,’” he said.

His wife’s car ended up being totaled, but his car is currently in the shop getting fixed.

All he had was that video to go off of to figure out who owned this large truck. He took to Nextdoor and users there suggested it was a roofing truck. So, he called local shops and ended up connecting with Elite who did confirm they had a truck stolen at 2:30 a.m.

Timothy, still finding the bright side said “that truck could’ve easily run through any of the houses on this street so I’m glad if the option was to bounce off our cars and keep going and not hit any homes then I can live with that.”

But the driver wasn’t done there, he made it from there to Federal Heights and went down a dead-end street leading into the back of SmartStop Storage.

The manager at SmartStop Storage Janis Elias said she got into work around nine that day to find a chaotic scene.

“The tow truck driver kind of came up to me and was like ‘hey are you the manager’ and I go ‘yeah’ and he’s like ‘there was an accident on the property?’ and so then right after that I was like ‘was there a crash?’ and he goes ‘no there was a semitruck.’ And I go ‘a semi? Why would there be a semi on my property?” she said.

The truck had gone through the business’ back fence, into the lot and hit three of the units causing severe damage.

“It was me just trying to keep my composure and to this day I feel like it hasn’t hit me that there’s a gaping hole in our building,” Elias said.

Denver police told us this is still an active investigation. So they couldn’t release many details. And the person responsible for all of this damage is not in custody at this time.