DENVER (KDVR) — Who holds the more conservative Catholic beliefs?

The topic of LGBTQ+ is at the center of a tense exchange and claims of defamation by Regis Jesuit High School, St. Mary’s Academy and a letter mentioning both by officials at St. Thomas More Catholic School.

“It’s all just drama at the end of the day,” Maddie Shepardson, an alum of St. Mary’s Academy, said.

That’s how she described a series of letters and statements from three schools.

The initial letter, from STM, informed students and parents they would not invite RJHS and St. Mary’s to a recruitment event. Both schools are landing spots for grade school students going to high school.

In their letter, officials at STM claim both schools endorse same-sex relationships and hold other positions contrary to Catholic principles.

“They are still very much Catholic schools, with Catholic teachings,” an alum from RJHS told FOX31.

Alumni from Regis, St. Mary’s, respond

Alumni from both schools denied the statement from STM.

“Their statement that they made was hateful and it encouraged bigotry and that is not OK,” Shepardson said.

The RJHS alum, who himself is part of the LGBTQ+ community, said the issue does more to exclude people than to promote church values.

“Doubling down on this old-fashioned rhetoric instead of welcoming more people, being more inclusive and bringing more people to the church,” he said.

Shepardson said her experience at St. Mary’s — which replied to STM’s letter embracing students of all faiths, beliefs and human longing — was fulfilling.

“As a St. Mary’s Academy alumni, I can very confidently say I thrived, not only academically, but was also able to enrich my beliefs,” Shepardson said.

Both alumni called the issue inconsequential to any student’s educational experience at either St. Mary’s or RJHS.

“They’re an excellent choice in terms of education,” the RJHS alum said.

Shepardson said it might have consequences when it comes to your personal beliefs.

“Try and look past these old, traditional, outdated beliefs,” Shepardson said.

FOX31 reached out to all three schools about this spat between them and only received a reply from Regis Jesuit High School. They said they are “exploring all potential remedies in this situation and as such, it would be inappropriate at this time for us to discuss this matter with you.”