DENVER (KDVR) — For the first time in Rockies’ history, a robot threw the first pitch for a ball game and it was built by Colorado students.

The STEM School Highlands Ranch First Pitch Team built a robot capable of throwing a baseball 50 feet three times in a row with accuracy, winning a competition to throw the first pitch ahead of the Thursday day game against the Nationals.

Brent Weiffenbach, Maya Fitzgibbons, Joseph DiGrappa, Micah Thomas, Donald Paladino, Gabe Paladino, Anthony Sagrati, Aiden Frey, Ian Boraks and Tyler Pautler were joined by their teacher and advisor Mike Shellenberger to build the robot. It took them six weeks and 16 meetings to build.

You can watch the pitch, which ended up being a strike, in the video below.