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CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — Prosecutors presented cell phone video to jurors in the STEM school shooting trial Tuesday. The footage shows defendant Devon Erickson after the school shooting that killed one and injured eight. 

“How many shooters do you have, there’s two, McKinney and there’s me,” Erickson says in the video recorded by responding Douglas County Sheriff’s Office Detective Joseph Pollack. 

Pollack told the court Tuesday that he and Erickson had a 15-minute conversation following the shooting. Erickson was already in handcuffs. Pollack said he was coherent and mentioned him and the “other shooter.” 

Erickson is facing 46 counts including two first-degree murder charges and 31 first-degree attempted murder charges. His co-defendant, Alec McKinney, pled guilty last year to charges stemming from the shooting. McKinney has been sentenced to life in prison with the possibility for parole in 40 years. 

Body camera footage shown to the court also shows a deputy taking bullets out of McKinney’s pockets. Defense focused on the conversation this detective had with McKinney. 

“The subject also stated she made the male do the shooting and there’s proof on the pink iPhone, that’s in your report?” the attorney asked. 

Former detective Christopher Buehler responded yes. 

The court heard the 911 call alerting first responders of the shooting.  

Jurors also heard about conversations students and faculty had with Erickson minutes before gunfire. 

Mitchell Kraus walked with Erickson to the office shortly before the shooting to bring him to the nurse’s office. When Kraus was asked to describe the conversation they had, he called it “completely normal.” 

STEM school counselor Julie Wright said she saw Erickson right around that time he was heading to the nurse. 

“I said take off your sweatshirt, I noticed he had two sweatshirts on, because he was so hot, he couldn’t breathe and he took one off in the bathroom,” Wright said.  

Wright said Erickson appeared like he was going to have a panic attack; she did not get the impression he was under the influence.  

The court saw pictures from a search inside of Erickson’s home capturing ammo boxes, writing along a white car and a gas can inside of that car. 

The day ended with witness testimony from a student inside the classroom who recounted the painful moments when he had to step over his killed classmate to escape to safety. 

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