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DENVER (KDVR) — Governor Jared Polis and other state lawmakers discussed efforts to help out with housing costs by providing $400 million for housing relief through the American Recovery Plan Act.

“Houses cost too much in Colorado, and we need to be bold and do even more to make Colorado more liveable. This package will help bring about a future with more housing that people can actually afford to buy or rent, reduce the cost of first-time homeownership and help Coloradans save money with shorter commute to work or school,” Polis said. “More housing near where jobs are will help lower costs, reduce traffic and pollution, improve access to housing for hardworking people, teachers, parents and individuals while helping our entire economy.”

On Tuesday, the House passed a bipartisan bill to help Coloradans save money on housing. The bill claims to create more affordable housing, make homeownership more tangible and create jobs.

“We’re working toward innovative solutions to address Colorado’s affordable housing crisis,” Rep. Kyle Mullica, D-Federal Heights said. “This legislation will boost the construction of homes that can be built efficiently while meeting our state’s ever-increasing demand for affordable housing. These modular and manufactured homes are innovative, affordable and will save hardworking Coloradans money on housing while boosting homeownership in our state.”

The $40 million Innovative Housing Incentive Program would go toward building different types of affordable housing.

FOX31’s Data Desk discovered that even middle-class Coloradans need help with housing costs as inflation rises and the cost of living in the state continues to explode.

“The affordable housing crisis in our state is severe, when the prices of a single-family home year over year have jumped astronomically raising more than $90,000 from last year, these prices make Colorado one of the most expensive markets in the country compared to actual wages. That’s why we’re proud to see our state supporting critically important measures such as HB 1282, SB 159, and HB 1304 that bring innovative prefabricated, modular and manufactured space housing business to Colorado and prioritize adding supply of new affordable housing with significant and transformative housing dollars to work hand in hand with local governments to answer the passionate voices of civil servants and working families all across our state who want to keep living in the vibrant communities that make a Colorado great place to live, work and play,” Liz Peets, vice president of government affairs for the Colorado Association of Realtors said. 

Prior to the news conference, Polis visited a facility focused on housing affordability called Valor on the Fax located on Colfax Avenue in Denver.

Sen. Jeff Bridges, Rep. David Ortiz, Board Chair of indieDwell Bruce Hoyt, Summit County Commissioner Tamara Pogue, and Habitat for Humanity homeowner Quána Madison joined the governor in a news conference Tuesday afternoon.