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DENVER — The Colorado State Patrol wants the public’s input about issuing different license plates for people convicted of drunk driving.

The agency set up a poll asking about it on Friday.

They’re sometimes called “scarlet letter plates” and they identify repeat DUI offenders.

The poll closed at midday Saturday about 350 people voted.

  • 40 percent said the plates should be issued after a first offense
  • 33 percent said it should happen for repeat offenders (two or more convictions)
  • 20 percent said those kinds of plates should never be issued
  • 7 percent said only issue them in special circumstances

Several states use the special plates and the rules for when they are issued vary.

The idea is controversial. Some people say DUI drivers should be known with special plates. Others believe it’s public shaming and shouldn’t be done.

The CSP said it posted the poll to gauge people’s interest in the idea and to get people talking about DUI, FOX21 reported.