DENVER (KDVR) — If you’re trying to file your state taxes online, you’re going to have to wait. Even though we are more than a month into tax season, Colorado’s system isn’t ready yet.

So what does that mean for your refund?

Maybe you’re one of the people who wait until the last minute, but if you like to file early to get that refund, you can’t just yet.

“We know in January, it’s a pretty small amount of people who file, but that as we get into February, each week grows,” said Mark Ferrandino, with the Colorado Department of Revenue.

New tax laws delay Colorado filings

That means more and more people are logging on to Revenue Online — the state’s free tax filing portal — and finding a message saying they’ve delayed accepting 2022 returns.

“It’s a few weeks delayed, and we know that is an inconvenience for people and we understand that, but we also want to make sure that the system is as accurate and correct as possible,” Ferrandino said.

In November, voters changed the tax rate. That’s just one of the multiple new tax laws that the state is scrambling to get in the system in time.

“All these changes have an impact, and unfortunately, it’s taking us a little longer this year than usual,” Ferrandino said.

When will I get my state tax refund?

Here’s what the delay means for you.

Roughly 90% of filers submit their taxes through third-party software — services like TurboTax or H&R Block.

“Right now, people can go into those softwares, file and do all the work, and then it will — once we turn it on — those things will get pushed into our system and then we will start to process them,” Ferrandino said.

The state said its goal is to start processing and accepting returns by the last week of February, a full month and a half before Tax Day, April 18.

FOX31 was told that if you’re getting a refund, delays shouldn’t be significant — maybe only a week or two later than when you got your money back last year.