LOVELAND, Colo. (KDVR) — Long ago, in a land far away — California — one of the most successful movie franchises in U.S. history was born. Episode 4 of the “Star Wars” trilogy played 46 years ago this month to packed theaters across America.

In another land, just north of Denver — Loveland — a dedicated “Star Wars” fan turned his passion into a full-time job.

To say Cal Pierce is a fan of “Star Wars” would be an understatement.

“As a kid, it was an escape. You know, a place for fantasy to go join Luke Skywalker on his adventures,” Pierce said.

That is why Pierce created Far Away Creations in 2005.

“I had experience in working on the film ‘Fanboys.’ I got to be there for a weekend and help with the theoretical George Lucas prop room and supply pieces for that,” Pierce said.

‘Star Wars’ gear created to exact specs

Headgear, uniforms, equipment — all lovingly made to the exact specifications as the originals.

The Pierce family travels the country to conventions, comic conventions and fan expos to showcase their creations.

Not far from the workshop is the display room. It showcases the many uniforms and props Pierce has made throughout the years.

Working alongside Loveland’s own Luke Skywalker is his wife, Kathy. She was at first not quite on board the Millennium Falcon.

“The first time that he said he wanted to dress up as a storm trooper, I thought he was nuts. What, you want to be an action figure? I thought he was crazy,” Kathy Pierce said.

“Star Wars” may have started in a galaxy long ago and far away, but everything that is “Star Wars” for the Pierce family is here to stay.

May the Fourth be with you.