DENVER (KDVR) — Tickets are going for a hot price for the upcoming Stanley Cup Final games, the first two being hosted at Ball Arena. The cheapest ticket for Game 1 sits at around $925 — and that’s up in the nosebleeds.

“Ball Arena has like 18,000 seats. It’s a supply and demand thing. That’s why right you’re seeing a thousand dollars for the least expensive seat,” said Candy Lewis, owner of A Lewis Tickets.

Lewis has been handling tickets for sporting events in Denver for the past 24 years. Her company is mostly focused on the Denver Broncos but is an expert in the ticket industry. She said she wasn’t surprised to see the high prices for the upcoming hockey playoffs.

“Sometimes, it’s good to wait and see, but even the watch party sold out last night. I could see the tickets for these Stanley Cup games selling out quickly,” Lewis said.

She said it’s all about supply and demand. There is hope the Avalanche will release more tickets, and Lewis said that could help fluctuate prices, but that’s not guaranteed.  

“I go back to the 2001 game when they won the Stanley cup. The prices did go up the last day,” Lewis said.

Where to get legit Avalanche Stanley Cup Final tickets

A representative with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment told FOX31 and Channel 2 that “the best place to check is the Avalanche website – you’ll know these are legitimate.  There always can be additional tickets available on game days as League and opposing team may release.”

To get seats right on the ice, according to TicketMaster, those tickets are around $8,000.

“I think this Avalanche ticket is going to be a tough ticket,” Lewis said.

She said it’s important to buy tickets through verified websites, like the Avalanche website, which partners with TicketMaster. If you are trying to buy the day of a game, she said to avoid scalpers and go straight to the ticket counter.

“The ticket center is right there. You can walk in. If they have tickets available, you can feel confident and secure you’ll get in with those tickets,” Lewis said.

Will there be more watch parties at Ball Arena?

Lewis shared with FOX31 and Channel 2 that back in 2001, during the Stanley Cup Final games of the Avalanches versus the New Jersey Devils, she was able to go to the game.

“I remember in 2001 when they won. I was fortunate to go to the game. We were 12 rows up on center ice, and it was $1000,” Lewis said.

Lewis also attended both watch games Ball Arena hosted this year for the away games against the Oilers. She said the atmosphere at Ball Arena was amazing, and she hopes Kroenke Sports continues to have the watch parties for the away games in the final series.

“Please Mr. Kroenke. Do the watch parties. We love them,” Lewis said.

A representative with Kroenke sports told FOX31 and Channel 2: “To Be Determined on the Watch Parties— they were a great success!”

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