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COLORADO SPRINGS — A father is outraged after his daughter found a hidden camera in a room she was renting. She has since moved out of the Colorado Springs townhouse but doesn’t want something like this to happen to anyone else.

“It’s awful and it’s emotional. A lot of anger, a lot of sorrow, but I feel bad for her,” said Dan Farrell, the woman’s father.

To protect her identity, FOX21 is not reporting the woman’s name.

Farrell said this is a parent’s worst nightmare. He had concerns about her living on her own and possibly getting slipped something in her drink out at a bar, but never imagined something like this. His daughter recently graduated college and moved into a place of her own, which is a big milestone.

“She was really proud of herself, yesterday, when she was telling us how she paid her first rent payment, and we were really proud of her, and I still am,” Farrell explained. “I’m super proud of her. I don’t know that I would have figured this out.”

Farrell’s daughter told her dad she thought it was strange when she received text messages from her new roommate’s boyfriend. She felt like she was being watched.

“She looks up and there’s an odd smoke detector right above her bed and there’s another smoke detector over by the door,” Farrell added. “So she looks even more closely. She gets up close to it. She sees that it’s not a normal smoke detector. She takes a picture of it. She goes online on Amazon and finds the same exact model, which is a spy cam infrared night vision, all of this stuff.”

She had only stayed in the room three nights but now Farrell has concerns about what may already have been recorded.

“It’s pretty nerve-wracking,” Farrell said. “You know, she gets to do this once and it got taken from her, right? So it’s pretty s—–y.”

Farrell said they’ve moved her out of the rented bedroom. Colorado Springs Police issued a summons for Jamil Brown for Criminal Invasion of Privacy. FOX21 has learned he is a Major at U.S. Space Command.

“It’s just awful to know that someone like that is out there… And who else, you know, who else is he doing it to?” Farrell questioned.

Officers encourage people to look at places where these recording devices are commonly placed like bathrooms and bedrooms.

“Does it look like the same one that’s in the kitchen? Because if they’re different, you got to start to wonder if maybe it’s an aftermarket product that’s got a camera that’s already mounted in it,” explained CSPD Public Information Officer Robert Tornabene.

“There are a couple of ways you can possibly spot those if you shut the lights off and then you take a flashlight and you shine it at that. The lens of a camera that is in most of those devices, is extremely reflective,” added Tornabene. “If you really want to be sure, get up on two steps or a ladder, pull the device down, and look at it. It’s your choice. It’s your right.”

Farrell wants others to be vigilant and really keep an eye out for these sorts of devices. They believe there was one in an outlet and a fake smoke detector.

“You can’t protect them enough,” Farrell said. “You know, you’ve got to be careful, and you’ve got to trust their instincts, too, because her instincts were spot on.”

Criminal Invasion of Privacy is a Class 2 Misdemeanor that is punishable by a fine.