KEENESBURG, Colo. (KDVR) — Just south of Keenesburg in Weld County, cleanup is underway after an early season storm moved through Tuesday.

That storm produced the state’s first tornado of the year and dumped multiple inches of rain. 

“Farmers out here need the moisture,” Bobbie Pfersch said. “So you gotta put up with a little bad for a lot of good.”

Pfersch spent Wednesday trying to divert standing water away from her horses, which were coated in mud. 

“The water in here was almost up to the horses’ knees,” she said. “That’s the most rain we’ve had in several years all at once like that.”

Just down the road, parts of County Road 61 were washed away as drivers carefully navigated a 2-foot drop on one side of the road.

Pfersch said her rain gauges measured between 3 and 4 inches of rain.

“We need the moisture, so you have to put up with some water, muddy puddles and muddy roads,” she said.