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MESA COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters has been found not guilty of obstruction of a peace officer but was found guilty of obstruction of government operations, according to Nexstar’s KREX.

Peters was arrested in February last year during the execution of a search warrant in downtown Grand Junction.

Peters was accused of using an iPad to record a hearing. A search warrant was issued for Peters’ iPad and she was detained while at a coffee shop in Grand Junction.

According to the arrest warrant issued after her detainment, investigators were speaking with a man asking if he was in possession of an iPad that was the subject of a search warrant. Investigators focused on the man because he was “preventing access to the table by the DA Investigators.” The iPad in question was then passed around between patrons seated at the table.

The warrant said Peters then stood between officers and the man, obstructing officers’ access to him.

The affidavit states the reporting officer then took Peters by the arm and tried to move her in the direction of other responding officers. At that time, Peters began “actively resisting and was placed in handcuffs for obstructing officers.” The affidavit says officers repeatedly told Peters to not resist.

She was later charged with obstruction of a peace officer and obstruction of justice for the incident.

The verdicts on the two charges of obstruction of a peace officer and obstruction of government operations were determined on Friday.

Timeline of Peters’ legal woes

Peters was under investigation for an alleged election security breach and was separately indicted by a grand jury on multiple counts in March of 2022.

Peters’ sentencing on Friday’s obstruction of a government investigation is scheduled for April 10.