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DENVER (KDVR) – A veteran was on a mission to meet every governor in the United States, raising awareness for other World War II veterans.  

The veteran passed away in October, but the mission continues on with his 66-year-old son.

World War II veteran Sidney Walton was in the army and fought in the China Burma India theater as an infantryman.  His son Paul Walton knew little of his dad’s service.

“If you asked me as a boy if my dad even fought in World War II I would say I am not sure. He never talked about it,” Walton said.

That changed. From presidents to princes, veteran Sidney Walton’s last mission was to raise awareness about World War II veterans and their sacrifice.

His plan was to visit every state in the union and shake hands with the governor. Colorado would’ve been number 42.

“After my father passed, I felt so sad, and I cried,” Walton said.

Paul Walton then decided to finish his father’s mission by visiting the remaining eight states.

Fighting cancer himself, the son of the veteran would not have it any other way.

“This is giving me fulfillment, and this is good for me too, to do this in honor of my dad, and I could not be any happier,” Walton said.

And we would guess this goes for veteran Sydney Walton as well.