DENVER (KDVR) — A worried mom was targeted by a car thief in Denver on Friday morning.

Cheinic Arapahoe’s son was hit by a car early Friday morning at Kentucky Avenue and Federal Boulevard in west Denver. When she arrived at the scene and jumped out to check on her child, someone took off in her car.

“You took advantage of a tragedy that could’ve happened, my son got hit by this car and you took advantage of that and took my car and left us without anything,” Arapahoe said.

The mother of three was there after her oldest child was struck by a car.

“I left the car on because I was more concerned about what was going on with my son,” Arapahoe said.

Arapahoe said her son was being treated by medical crews while another person at the scene was lurking around her car parked nearby.

“Next thing I know, I hear the cops saying, ‘Do you know that gentleman?'” Arapahoe said. “And I looked and I see the guy in the car, and I run to the car and I tried to open the door, and as soon as I tried to open the door he gunned it.”

The family had saved up to make repairs to the car. That savings was in the car along with other belongings.

“I had my purse, which has all my identifications,” Arapahoe said. “My husband has all his identifications, our credit cards, I had $500 in cash, he had $300 in cash. It was supposed to be for fixing our car and getting our Thanksgiving dinner.”

Arapahoe stayed vigilant, getting a photo of the man she said stole her car while she tended to her injured son.

“Sure enough, I come to 7-Eleven,” Arapahoe said. I ask to see the videotapes, and this man is out here and he’s lurking like he’s trying to steal another car.”

Her son suffered injuries but she said he’ll be OK.

“I’m very angry and it’s sad, but at the same time, I’m very grateful that my son is OK,” Arapahoe said.

Denver Police confirmed they are investigating both incidents.