EL PASO COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — FOX31 continues to follow the alleged harassment of Black ranchers in El Paso County and the ongoing dispute between the Mallerys and their neighbors.

On Tuesday evening, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office released hours of body camera video and what they say are all eligible case reports.

The tweet went out at 5:06 p.m., reading in part, “In an effort to be transparent with our interactions with residents in the Yoder area, and to dispute specific claims made by Courtney and Nicole Mallery, Sheriff Joe Roybal has released all reports and body-worn camera footage for eligible cases to the public and media.”

Only some videos in Mallery-Clark case available

The Mallerys’ story has made national headlines, and the tipping point happened in February when Courtney Mallery was arrested, which sparked a rally at the state Capitol, where supporters from across the country marched together.

The Sheriff’s Office said it will release 96 videos and approximately 38 hours of body camera video. As of 10 p.m. on Tuesday, not all the videos had been uploaded for viewing.

During a presentation a few weeks ago, the Sheriff’s Office uploaded video from an incident in April 2021 involving Nicole Mallery, a weapon and a trespasser.

In that video, Nicole Mallery says to a deputy, “I was like, ‘Give me some ID,’ and he just started running.” The deputy then says, “What I’m trying to figure out is at what point did the weapon discharge, because he’s saying there was a discharge of the weapon in the air.” Nicole Mallery responds, “That did not happen.”

The trespasser was a court process server who FOX31 has now learned was wearing a body camera at the time of notice. The video shows the man walking about Mallerys’ Freedom Acres Ranch, knocking on a door with no answer. Then Nicole Mallery is heard yelling and cursing, and the man runs off scared.

During the brief encounter, Nicole Mallery is not in the frame, but a gunshot is heard, which is what the court process server reported. Nicole Mallery was charged in the incident.

Some phone call audio released in rancher dispute

In February, Courtney Mallery was arrested on accusations of felony stalking his neighbor, Teresa Clark. An ongoing feud has been brewing for a while, with several restraining orders issued between the two parties. Audio from some of the calls was released.

Nicole Mallery says in one phone call, “You can see her pointing on the corner, violating an order about 5 feet from the property.” Last month, the Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Clark was arrested for violating an order.

On a call with deputies, Clark says, “They’re trying to intimidate us. It’s about time you guys start doing equal protection and throw ’em in jail.”

Body camera video also shows deputies taking down the Mallerys’ surveillance cameras and stating that they are illegally stealing power. Courtney Mallery was accused of misdemeanor tampering with utilities. A deputy is seen on body camera talking to Courtney Mallery, who asks, “So, y’all took all my cameras down?”

The deputy then states, “If you put any more up there for the sole purpose of watching Teresa Clark, I’ll get another warrant.” Courtney Mallery responds, “That’s not why they’re up.” The deputy then says, “Why do you need three of them?”

“What do you mean? There’s vandalism. I’ve called and made reports. She’s threatened to hang and kill me, shoot me,” Courtney Mallery responds.

“Y’all should have the reports,” he said.