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LAFAYETTE, Colo. (KDVR) — An effort is underway by a consulting firm in Lafayette to recycle burned debris from the Marshall fire.

Lisa Stokes-Nicholas is the president of Kavi Consulting Services, which she said helps businesses fight climate change. Her neighborhood was right in the middle of the Marshall Fire.

“If you look around our place, you’ll see about 10 holes in the ceiling or water spots where pipes burst,” Stokes-Nicholas said.

While the fires may be out, an idea ignited for Stokes-Nicholas to recycle all of that fire debris. “If it went into a landfill, it would simply decompose and create methane gas, which will continue to warm the earth’s atmosphere,” she said.

Stokes-Nicholas said about 60% of fire debris is, in fact, recyclable: “the metal from cars, people’s appliances, water heaters, looks like a stove back there.”

Boulder County has already contacted EcoCycle and has begun recycling some items from some homes, but she said the work is just beginning. “We’re going to be asking people to do three things at the same time: recover, build resilience and climate mitigation.”

She said it all starts with one home at a time.