DENVER (KDVR) — A group of students made a passionate appeal Thursday to the University of Colorado Board of Regents to prohibit people from carrying concealed weapons on campus.

Some of them said they had already been around weapons in schools and are now afraid to be around any kind of weapons.

Bella Brown was one of those students who talked about a gun being brought to one of her previous schools.

“I was six feet away from him when cops came in and raided the classroom,” CU Boulder student Brown said.

CU Boulder student government members told the board Thursday that guns should not be allowed on campuses. The mass shooting at the King Soopers in Boulder is one of the reasons they are fighting for a ban on all weapons. 

“Ever since then, they’ve (students) said they don’t think guns belong on campus because they are scared,” CU Boulder Student Government President Rachel Hill said.

The university had banned concealed weapons until 2012 when the courts forced the campuses to allow them.

But a new Colorado state law allows regents to ban them if they so choose.

“I think the board is absolutely going to consider this. The priority for all of us is the safety of our campuses,” acting CU Vice President of Communications Ken McConnellogue said.

Students are hoping the ban is implemented.

“I think a lot of people being confronted with a weapon that they were not aware of,” CU Boulder Student Government member Alyssa Keller said.

But gun rights groups say concealed weapons can make a campus safer.

“There are tons of examples that we can point to that concealed carry holders are actually providing safety,” Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Executive Director Taylor Rhodes said.

CU Boulder’s student government members said they will not give up the fight to ban them.

The board must now decide if it wants to consider banning concealed weapons.

FOX31 was told if the regents decide to move forward with discussing this issue, there could be a vote and a decision this summer.