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LOUISVILLE, Colo. – A woman in Louisville has a warning about residential rooftop solar panels after hers caught fire.

Briana Greer was out of town in August when a fire sparked on her rooftop solar panels. Neighbors helped put the fire out, but not before it damaged three panels and her roof.

Greer had been leasing the panels from SolarCity, now owned by Tesla, for about two years.

The Problem Solvers have learned she’s not alone with the fire.

News reports from across the country have shown other Tesla panels that have caught fire too.

In fact, Walmart is now suing Tesla because of numerous fires at its stores that it says were caused by Tesla panels.

Telsa told the FOX31 Problem Solvers its solar panels are safe and very rarely catch fire. Tesla said fires are much more likely to be caused by home lighting and appliances, rather than its solar panels.

The company also said it’s working with Greer’s insurance company to come to an amicable solution.

Meanwhile, the Problem Solvers looked into Colorado’s regulations of solar panels. For the most part, the state regulates electricians who install and work on the panels, but not the panels themselves.