DEVNER (KDVR) — Colorado’s next storm system will move through on Wednesday, bringing snow showers, cooler temperatures, gusty winds, and a chance for snow squalls.

The NWS Weather Prediction Center posted a graphic in the tweet below highlighting that parts of the Rocky Mountain states, including northern Colorado, are likely to see snow squall conditions as the cold front and snow showers move through Wednesday.

Snow squalls are short-lived, heavy bursts of snow and wind that cause dangerous travel conditions. They can create whiteout conditions and make roads slick and typically last under 2 hours.

Wednesday’s storm system has the perfect ingredients for snow squall development. It is most likely to happen in the northern mountains Wednesday afternoon or evening as a cold front pushes southeast.

The cold front will kick up winds to 50 mph gusts in some areas. Along with that, snow showers will be heavy along the cold front at the same time gusty winds are possible.

Stay weather aware on Wednesday if you have to travel in Colorado’s mountains and make sure to have a way to get weather alerts. It will be best to wait until the snow showers end to try to travel.