DENVER (KDVR) — The Denver Broncos took on the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday at Empower Field at Mile High.

“We’re hoping they will break the streak so these Chiefs fans go back to where they came from,” Bernadette Apodaca, a Broncos fan, said Sunday.

Apodaca, wearing multiple layers, counted about six to seven in total to stay warm.

“I’m also doing a little bit of drinking,” Apodaca said. “Last weekend it was beautiful, I was wearing shorts, but we’re Colorado so you gotta come prepared.”

Hundreds of other fans showed up in layered costumes. One group of fans said they bought tickets last minute for cheap because of the weather.

“We got cheap tickets and it’s going to be good classic American football,” one fan said.

Some fans told FOX31 they were thankful the snow lightened up just in time for kickoff.

“We were debating to see if we wanted to come to the game, weather dependent,” one fan said. “There is snow on the ground but we are comfy.”

There were a variety of Halloween directions all around the stadium as well, and people were handing out candy.

Several fans were wondering if Taylor Swift would be there to cheer on Kansas City Chiefs tight-end Travis Kelce.

“I would love to see her, I’m desperate to see her,” one fan said. “I’ve heard rumors.”