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BOULDER COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Snow appears to be taking a toll on efforts to clean up evacuation areas. The Colorado National Guard is in place to ensure the safety of homeowners wanting to return to their property.

“The snow can be positive and a hindrance,” Rocco Snart, planning branch chief for the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control said. 

“The roads are slow right now,” Snart said. “You might stumble across hazards that you might have been able to see had there not been snow on it.”

In certain evacuation areas, such as subdivisions along South Boulder Road, the Colorado National Guard members are acting as security around the perimeter.

Guard members tell us construction crews are starting work in some devastated subdivisions. The National Guard could keep watch over some perimeters for up to seven days. It’s unknown when neighborhoods may reopen.

“Wind-driven fires in Colorado are the worst you can find,” Snart said.