DENVER (KDVR) — The cat that lived at Coors Field for at least 10 years has found a new forever home.

Smokey, also known as the “Coors Field Cat,” has aged after all those years of pest control in the big leagues and started looking last month for a new home to retire to.

Animal Rescue of the Rockies said his caretakers were overwhelmed on the first day they started accepting adoption applications.

They went through applications and filtered out the best options, and they sent applicants options for other kitties up for adoption.

When the caretakers narrowed applications down to two options, those humans came to visit Smokey. When the final decision was made, his caretaker visited the adopter’s home to make sure Smokey was set up for success in his new home.

The animal rescue said it’s not usual for feral cats to become comfortable enough with humans to live indoors. But Smokey had a dedicated team of caretakers that would make sure he was fed at Coors Field, no matter the weather.

“Smokey’s caretakers have provided daily positive interaction with humans for more than a decade, and over time he has truly opened up,” Jenni Leigh, a kitten foster with Animal Rescue of the Rockies told FOX31.

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Animal Rescue of the Rockies released a statement from Smokey himself.

“I, Smokey the cat, would like to thank everyone for the well wishes. I am happy to say that I have chosen the position of lead-off catter in a nice Denver home. I feel like I’ve hit a home run.

“I would like to thank the Animal Rescue of the Rockies for placing me in a local home instead of trading me somewhere else, like to the St Louis Cardinals. If you liked my story, please donate to your local shelters, and don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets.”

There are still several cats living at the stadium to continue Smokey’s legacy and pest control duties.

Smokey’s caretakers wish to remain anonymous as they continue to care for the other cats at Coors Field. His adopter also wishes to remain anonymous, which Animal Rescue of the Rockies said could be a good sign that he wasn’t adopted for the wrong reasons.

The rescue group said Smokey’s profile will remain on the website to tell his story and bring attention to other cats who still need homes.

Smokey moves into his new home on Aug. 12.