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SUMMIT COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — Authorities in Summit County are investigating a report of a man impersonating a member of the Copper Mountain Ski Patrol.

A minor reported being approached by the man near Skid Road, a ski trail at Copper Mountain, on Jan. 19.

Copper Mountain told FOX31, “all on-mountain personnel have been notified of the incident and the description of the individual. Copper mountain takes the incident very seriously and is conducting an internal investigation.”

The man wore a red jacket with the words “Ski Patrol” written on it with what looked like a felt tip-marker.

Legitimate ski patrol uniforms are professionally marked with a patch.

Copper Mountain told FOX31 legitimate ski patrollers wear black ski pants and red coats with a white cross visible on both arms and on the backs of their coats. The Copper Mountain logo is also visible on other parts of the uniform in addition to a nametag in a holder.

Every ski patroller carries a radio. Skiers can verify who they are speaking with by contacting the patrol office at 970-968-3311.

Ski patrol information is displayed on signs and the Copper Mountain mobile app, as well as the Copper Mountain Trail Map.