PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Constant rain is having an impact on streets and roads in the Denver metro area. The holes are so big in some places, drivers are having to find new temporary routes around them.

Steady rain continues to fall south of Denver, and the abundance of moisture can be a problem.

At one point on Monday, more pea-sized hail was falling in Elbert County. That’s where giant sinkholes have forced County Road 13 to shut down south of Ferns Road.

Chris Richardson, Elbert County commissioner for District 1, said it will take an estimated 10-14 days to repair CR 13.

“Water flow must first be diverted through the remaining culvert so work can be done safely,” Richardson said.

In Elizabeth, rain turned a horse trail into a river. In Littleton, crews were hoping a small sinkhole doesn’t grow.

Sinkhole opens on Parker road

In Parker, hail and fast-moving water turned a usually tranquil gulch into rushing water. Also in Parker, a sinkhole shut down a road in Bradbury Ranch. That sinkhole partially collapsed right in front of 13-year-old Cooper Kolesar, who captured the unexpected shift with his iPhone.

“I was just speechless. It was unbelievable to see this happen in Colorado. In Florida, you might see it once in a while, but here in Colorado? You don’t see it every day,” Kolesar said.

In another video, a man quickly stepped away when the sinkhole grew.

Jaxson Lombardo’s camera was also rolling, and the 13-year-old captured the unexpected shift.

“It was just like a hole, like a big dent in the ground, but it looked fine. Then a few minutes later, it just started sinking. Then it just eventually fell! It collapsed, and a lot of water shot up out of the ground,” Lombardo said.

A sinkhole in Parker, Colo. that opened up Sunday, June 11
A road in Parker was closed after a sinkhole opened up Sunday, June 11 (Credit: Parker Police Department)

Mother Nature caused big surprises after weeks of rain in the region. Many are now hoping the rains slow down soon.

The city of Parker told FOX31 it’s not sure when that sinkhole will be fixed in Bradbury Ranch.

“We don’t have an estimated timeline for construction as of yet, but it will be a significant reconstruction project that will require an extended closure of this section or roadway,” Parker Communications Manager Andy Anderson said.