COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KDVR) — Among the people who were shot at Club Q in Colorado Springs were two of three siblings.

The siblings were just about to leave the club when the gunfire rang out. Among those hurt were Mark Slaugh’s brother James and sister Charlene according to a family friend and a public Facebook page.

FOX31 spoke to a friend of Marc’s today, who tells us Charlene and James were at Club Q along with James’ boyfriend. A Facebook page has been set up where Mark has been talking about his brother and sister’s medical conditions.

“The family lost their mother to COVID and the reason James and Charlene were at the bar that night is it was the one-year anniversary of the loss of their mother,” Slaugh’s friend Summer Westerbur said.

“Charlene was out just dancing with her brother. They were just getting ready to leave the club when this happened,” said Westerbur.

Mark said on The Slaugh’s Recovery Road Facebook page, his family did not celebrate the holidays last year because their mom had passed away just about this time.

Saturday night was when they were finally getting together, and then tragedy struck. The Slaugh’s Recovery Road Facebook page shows a picture of James in the hospital.

FOX31 was told Mark was able to talk to his sister Charlene on the phone recently.

Westerbur started a GoFundMe to help out the Slaugh family if you wish to donate.