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DENVER (KDVR) — Beta Nightclub is facing possible revocation and or suspension of its liquor/cabaret licenses following an investigation by the Denver Police Department.

Beta Nightclub has been ordered to appear at the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses on Oct. 18 to “Show Cause” as to why its dance cabaret and tavern liquor license should not be suspended or revoked for alleged violations of law.

The Department of Excise and Licenses said it has sufficient grounds to believe that Beta Nightclub violated the following state or local laws or regulations based on an investigation conducted by the Denver Fire Department and the Denver Police Department between June and August of 2021.

The complaint alleges the following laws or regulations were violated:

  • Conduct of Establishment – Orderliness, loitering, serving of intoxicated persons
  • Distribution of Controlled Substances
  • Imitation Controlled Substances
  • Unlawful Acts
  • Tavern License
  • Disorderly Behavior
  • Suspension or revocation re: Underage Patron License
  • Unlawful to Violate Codes
  • License required

During the “show cause” hearing, a neutral hearing officer will take testimony and hear evidence presented by both Beta Night Club, DFD and DPD, then issue a recommended decision to Excise and Licenses Executive Director Ashley Kilroy. Kilroy will then review the evidence presented, testimony and the recommended decision before issuing a final decision.

According to the Department of Excise and License, there are 344 active liquor/cabaret licenses in Denver. There are also 61 delinquent liquor/cabaret licenses. Currently, all 405 are eligible to operate in Denver.

For all liquor licenses in Denver, which includes bars and liquor stores, Denver has issued 155 show-cause orders for liquor licenses between 2020 and now, 25 of those have been for compliance with a health order. The rest were for various reasons, according to the Denver Department of Excise and License.