DENVER (KDVR) –Record-high heat in Denver may be tempting many people to turn on their sprinkler systems.

Mark Overton with NationScapes sprinkler repair service in Denver says the safest choice is to wait until May. “It’s a little early in the year here in Colorado. We can get freezing weather all the way up until Mother’s Day,” Overton said.

However, if residents choose to turn it on, Overton says to wrap the exposed pipes and pay close attention to the weather. “If it’s going to get cold enough to freeze that backflow preventer, your best bet is to shut the water off and drain your backflow preventer,” he said.

If a backflow preventer freezes and breaks, it can cost more than a thousand dollars to repair.

Experts agree that heat and wind can affect grass. “It will dry out a little bit more and you may even see some death of the grass,” said David Rhine, an arborist with SavATree, tree, shrub and lawn care.

“The soil temperature is going to warm up, but the wind dries everything out, so it dehydrates everything. So, it’s important to get everything well watered,” Rhine said.

He suggest getting out the hose for some hand watering, then taking normal precautions for the cold.

“Make sure you drain it, put it away,” Rhine said.