AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — There were some harrowing moments as shoppers at a thrift store in Aurora were told to hit the floor after shots were heard outside the building.

When the shooting stopped, two people had been injured in the parking lot. Crime tape and evidence markers were all over the area in front of a thrift store.

Cecily Godfrey was a little close for comfort.

Godfrey was working inside the Arc Thrift Store next to where the shooting happened and said he heard loud noises.

“I heard a loud bang and thought the window had broken. I turned around because I was right there. I saw a man running with a large gun,” Godfrey added.

Godfrey knew exactly how to try and keep shoppers safe.

“He was not after our store but of course, I immediately yelled, ‘shooter.’ Everybody got down and reacted quickly,” Godfrey said.

Aurora police say one man was grazed by a bullet in the parking lot. Another man showed up at an emergency room with serious injuries.

Rafael Garcia Jr. knew someone had to be hurt.

“I just see people running and I’m like, dang, they are getting shot up,” Garcia said.

One business owner said he saw the gunman shooting toward the parking lot. Brian Munoz was driving up to work when shots rang out.

“I just saw people in a white bus they were heading for the thrift store and I heard, ‘pow, pow, pow,’ and then that’s when all the people started running back to the bus,” Munoz said.

Luckily none of those shoppers or anyone else was hurt in the hail of parking lot gunfire.

Gateway High School, which is about a block away, was on a secure perimeter for about 45 minutes while officers canvassed the area. 

Many of the people FOX31 talked to said the sound of gunfire has happened way too often.