AURORA, Colo. (KDVR) — Update, 9:15 p.m. The ordinance passed with a 6-4 vote.

Earlier: A fiery discussion is expected as the city council votes on whether to send shoplifters to jail.

Business owners are saying they are losing thousands of dollars to thieves taking big-ticket items.

The ordinance being discussed could have a big impact on places like the Heirlooms Antique Mall.

If the new city regulation passes, anyone convicted of stealing more than $300 of merchandise must serve three days in jail.

“It’s a deterrent for them to maybe do it somewhere else if nothing else,” Heirlooms Antique Mall owner Scott Davenport said.

The new rule targets both individuals and organized crime in Aurora.

At public meetings, some small businesses have reported losing up to $50,000 so far, this year.

Larger businesses have lost up to a million dollars according to the Havana Business Improvement District.

Davenport works with 70 small businesses in his Antique Mall.

“It’s just hard there’s no solution. Everybody’s hands are tied so we need to come up with something,” Davenport said.

At-large Council Member Danielle Jurinsky is helping spearhead the campaign to give shoplifters jail time.

“I hope that we send a message that if you come to Aurora and you steal anything you will go to jail,” Jurinsky said.

Ward IV Council member Juan Marcano doesn’t think jail time is the best answer.

“One of the things we’ve learned over the last several decades is that jail time is not a deterrent for behavior and what works for retail theft is the certainty that people are going to get caught,” Marcano said.

The Aurora City Council will take the final vote on the ordinance Monday night.