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ELIZABETH, Colo. (KDVR) — Secretary of State records and a Facebook page with Matthew Dolloff’s name and photographs indicate Dolloff, the man accused of shooting and killing a Denver protester over the weekend, was affiliated, for several years, with a farm in Elizabeth, CO.

“They’ve got a lot of sheep. They’ve got turkeys, and other than that, other than that, last year they had a hemp field they tried to range,” said Van Decastro, who lives next door to Lavender Moon Farm.  According to related online accounts, the farmers also harvested honey.

Neighbors told us they didn’t know much about Dolloff, though at least one person said she knew Dolloff tended to animals and maintenance on the property. She said he would gather eggs and sell them at various markets and that he was also involved in fixing up cars on the property.

The news of the Dolloff’s alleged involvement in a shooting death over the weekend “really didn’t ring a bell” at first for Decastro, who said he only spoke to Dolloff one time, when Dolloff requested Decastro turn his lights off so Dolloff could see the stars better. Decastro said Dolloff had a bunch of telescopes set up in the yard and even invited him to look. 

Decastro said he also frequently observed Dolloff practicing his shooting at the farm’s backyard range, made of railroad ties.

“I used to watch him out here all the time target shooting at his target range,” said Decastro, who mentioned that many neighbors enjoy the same activity. “They used every kind of gun. They used pistols and AR-15s, rifles, and just shot at targets,” he said.  

Decastro said there are many shooting ranges in town. 

Secretary of State business records show Dolloff filed paperwork related to a second business, Dolloff Arms LLC, in 2013, but it is unclear what the business is or was and whether it is still operating.

That business and the farm are both listed in state records as “delinquent,” which means the entity failed to file a required periodic report or failed to appoint a new registered agent after the resignation of the current registered agent, according to the Colorado Secretary of State’s office.  

An entity’s status can be returned to good standing if a Statement Curing Delinquency is filed with the state.

A Facebook page with Dolloff’s name, images, and references to the farm dating back several years, also contains comments and photos indicating Dolloff participated in Occupy Denver protests in 2011 and 2012.

According to the University of Colorado Denver, Dolloff was a political science major and last enrolled at the school for spring semester.