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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (KDVR) — An escaped teen inmate has been taken into custody after allegedly stabbing a correctional officer at a Lakeside dentist’s office Tuesday morning. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office says he was captured within their search area.

Juan Ocegueda, 17, is an inmate at Platte Valley Youth Services Center in Greeley. The sheriff’s office said Ocegueda was shackled and not handcuffed during a dental procedure.

The officer was stabbed multiple times, the sheriff’s office said, but the injuries are not life threatening and he is expected to be released from the hospital Tuesday. He is a correctional officer at Platte Valley.

Juan Ocegueda

The stabbing happened around 9:30 a.m. inside Primary Dental at 5801 W. 44th Ave. It prompted a shelter in place for people in the area and a secure perimeter at Centennial Elementary School. Multiple police agencies from around the area were involved in the search.

A woman who works at the office told FOX31 that the suspect chased her with a knife.

Officials say Ocegueda was found in a detached backyard garage, still wearing his ankle shackles. No one was inside the home on the property at the time of the arrest.

Mountain View officer describes teen’s capture

Mountain View Police Officer Dominic Martinez, who captured the teen suspect, said his familiarity with the town’s neighborhoods paid off in the search.

“I know that area. I can do it in my sleep,” Martinez said.

A resident gave a tip that the suspect was in a backyard shed.

“I just knew there was no way he was getting away from me when I turned that corner,” he said.

Martinez said the smaller jurisdiction can be beneficial.

“A lot of agencies like to make fun of us, ’cause we’re only 12 blocks big, but I think it gives us a lot of heart,” Martinez said. “We know our residents, we know our area.”